Maria Varfolomeeva will be delivered to Kyiv for medical survey

Released from captivity Maria Varfolomeeva will be brought to Kyiv for the full medical survey. The correspondent of has reported about it from the scene. According to his words, Maria was glad to be released and is in a good mood.

“The President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko in time of a phone call offered to Masha the survey in “Feofania” clinic”, noticed the correspondent.

Also, he reported that Poroshenko has signed an order to free Luhansk journalist about clemency of Russian mercenary Ivan Gorbunov, who was sentenced on 11 years.

Also, to exchange Varfolomeeva, Ukrainian side released Olga Litovchenko.

Maria answered that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do in future, because she unaccustomed to peaceful life and activity.

As it was reported earlier, Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeeva, been captured for 14 months, was released as a result of the cartel.

Погода в Киеве