The sister of Nadezhda Savchenko has published the text of her last word in the court

Ukrainian pilot was going to make a speech on March 3 in the court. The text of it was published by her sister on Facebook page of Nadezhda Savchenko.

“Last word.

I don’t recognize neither my guilty, nor the sentence of Russian court. There won’t be an appeals in a case of conviction. I want all democracy civilized world to understand that Russia is the country of a Third World with the totalitarian regime and the dictator-tyrant, which spit on human rights and international law. The situation is absurd, when those who capture people, torture them and then pretend that they have a right to judge them! Can we speak about justice? Russia has no trial and investigation! They have only farce of Kremlin’s marionette puppets. I consider completely superfluous to spent my life to take part in it!

That’s why there won’t be an appeal and the next will be: after the sentence I continue my hunger strike for ten days, while the verdict comes into force and it not depends on the translation on Ukrainian language, because with it they also know how to play for time long. I declare a dry hunger strike after ten days and then Russia has not more than 10 days to bring me back to Ukraine, from where they kidnapped me! And I don’t care how they will explain it! I heard about not bad diplomatic skill of Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko. I hope that his diplomatic abilities will be enough to deal in Russia with one idiot, he promised to my mother, that I will be at home on May holidays 2015.

And while they will be bargaining, life will be leaving me and Russia anyway will come back me to Ukraine dead or alive!

And all these 10 days under the gates of the isolation ward my sister will stay and will be waiting if they release me or bear out. And if you prison her, my mother will come on her place, she’s 77 year old, are you going to prison her too? So, my friend will stay on her place and after them Ukrainian after Ukrainian! And remember you won’t put everyone here! And while my relatives will be staying here, fair, usual and respectable Russians from houses near begin to bring them hot tea, sandwiches and warm blankets, because everyone from them understands that child of any of the can appear on my place tomorrow in this jail of all folks under the name Russia!

So, Maidans begin with this way! Do you need it? You’re afraid it like a fire! That’s why it’s better for Kremlin to come me back home as soon as possible and alive!!!

And it’s better to all other world with the democratic values to assimilate history lessons in time and remember, that there was a time when Europe was tolerant with Hitler and America wasn’t enough resolute and it brought to WWII. Putin is the tyrant with imperial manners, complexes of Napoleon and Hitler together! And bear doesn’t understand a human language, he understands only the language of force. So, if we don’t become more resolute and don’t define priorities right in time, we will have the WWIII!

And I, already as a politician, won’t shake a hand to Russia on political arena. It is not fair to shake hands to those who held you in the handcuffs and your people in irons. But accepting every my political decision, I will always think how it will appears on the common people, as in Ukraine and also in Russia. Because Russia, in spite of everything, has a lot of fair, kind and respectable people”.

As it was reported earlier, Nadezhda Savchenko has reported about the beginning of the dry hunger strike from March 4, in connection with adjournment.