The detention of ‘Zarya’ fans in Luhansk: witch-hunt is continuing

There is new wave of repressions in Luhansk. The staff of so-called ‘Ministry of State Security’ has claimed about the detention of few ultras of Football Club Zarya Luhansk. decided to puzzle out what’s from the other side of this ‘spy hunting’.

Shot search on camera and condemnation in all deadly sins.

Vladislav Ovcharenko, Artem Akhmerov, Vyacheslav Ukrainsky, Dmitry Kramarenko were arrested for espionage. So-called ‘minister of the state security of LPR’ Leonid Pasechnik has claimed about their detention. ‘Republican security forces’ also detected the personalities of other ‘saboteurs’, who are 32 people according to their words. The ‘minister’ in particular, claims that this organization is neo-fascist grouping, implementing its criminal activity in Ukraine area’ and ‘white and black ultras’ members ostensibly even ‘made a lot of times aggressive and frankly pro-fascist actions’.

Also staff of ‘MSS’ claimed that checks to fix the the involvement of members of the group to adjusting  the artillery fire at Lugansk in 2015, to ‘mass murders on Maidan in Kyiv and Odessa Trade Union house’, to provocations and attacks of ‘activists’ in time of holding the referendum about ‘LPR independence’ are held.

‘In hot pursuit’ fighters have published video of ‘search’ of detained on YouTube.

Among other the employee of ‘department’ is demonstrating on camera found ‘evidences’: Ukrainian symbolism, fan and patriot stickers (Luhansk is Ukraine etc.), flyers (Our future is Ukraine, Only you can stop this war), stencils with image of Ukrainian coat of arms and balloons with paint, SIM-cards of MTS, ‘Azov’ symbolism and also a book of Vasyl Shklyar ‘Black sun’ in Ukrainian in the foreground.

‘MSS LPR’ has published on its website the information about opening of ‘criminal case’ according to detained guys. In particular, it was detected that ‘radical neo-Nazi group, which is underground unit of ‘Azov’ battalion was created in Luhansk’. According to the words of the representatives of the ‘office’, the leaders of it – Vladislav Ovcharenko (1996 year of born), Artem Akhmerov (1997 year of born) were detained and the criminal case by ‘article 335 of CC of LPR’ (treason through espionage) was initiated against them.

‘Interrogations’ and ‘honest confessions’

Also the insurgents have released videos from ‘interrogations’ of detained. Young people testified against themselves under pressure of ‘interrogators’. Preparation of explosion of the monument to ‘LPR defenders’ in the square of Memory, the participation in bloody events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa and activity of Ukrainian volunteer battalions is only less part of the ‘honest confessions’ of ultras. Let’s notice, that with with the ‘recognition of his guilt’ by Vlad Ovcharenko was issued by one of the central Russian channels. Except this, fighters have published the ‘confession’ in ‘subversion’ of one more detained – Vyacheslav Ukrainsky.

‘A lot of ex-ultras stayed after the warfare on the territory of ‘republic’, who has supported pro-Ukrainian side and taken part in one or another actions in Luhansk. This is a video with propaganda motives and photos with Ukrainian symbolism in the recognizable places of our city’, said Vyacheslav during the ‘interrogation’.

ultrasУКРАИНСКИЙStatements of ‘Azov’ and ultras of FC ‘Zarya’

Wherein, statements of ‘Azov’ tell that detained fans of ‘Zarya’ Luhansk have nothing common with activity of the organization.

‘Nobody from detained by separatists wasn’t officially involved neither in ‘Azov’ nor in Civic Corps ‘Azov’, tells the text of the statement.

Representatives of ultras FC ‘Zarya’ also have published few appeals to ‘MSS LPR’ fighters: ‘Don’t disgrace the honor of a Russian officer! You know very well that you had detained unguilty only for a couple of pictures, stickers and books. The society understands well, that you inflate the situation in order to create newsworthy, which could make to forget for some time about murders of Tsyplakov, Mozgovoi, Batman etc. It’s a silly method of the demonstration of the effectivity of work of your organization. Release the children and get out of this situation with dignity’.

To get the ‘confession’

What is it to be captured, a lot of us know only from novels and films about war. The ‘confessions’ on the video, how convincing they could be, often hide hours of tortures, beatings, long days and even months of imprisoning. What is it to get into the cellar of ‘LPR’ fighters told those, who knows this firsthand.  

‘When you get there, you’re ready to testify in any way, only they left you alone, – tells Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeeva, who has been captured for 14 months. – You’re ready to sign any papers, to recognize everything, if only it could stop. I can say with absolute certainty, that tortures, bullying, beating, I mean physical impact, are used to every person, who gets into ‘MSS’. It’s norm for them…’.

Journalist from Luhansk Vyacheslav Bondarenko also told about his being in ‘LPR’ fighters’ captivity  

‘Unfortunately, a lot of people, who watch this ‘honest confessions’, can’t even imagine what is behind the scenes. I literally know about it personally, how such revelations can be taken out. ‘Educated enough’ professionals conduct interrogations there. ‘Swallow’, ‘elephant’ and other methods of tortures from pharaoh’s arsenal are used. Wherein they don’t touch face, detained must look good on a video… I really hope, that guys will escape this fate. But, believe, even without beating, they can get any recognition’.



info: ‘Swallow’ is the method of torture, when human’s hands and legs are hung or fettered by handcuffs behind the back, and besides hands and legs are fettered too. Person could be suspended in this condition, it could be beaten or simply kept in such a position while it recognized.

‘Elephant’ is the method when gas mask is put on the head of detained, air access isn’t available and suffocation is in process, while person recognize or agree to testify.

‘It’s impossible to blame such people, who recognize something during such interrogations. It’s no good and not right! Such guys specified themselves not willingly. Not available to help, closed, in the power of people captured them. It’s hard to require a determination and stoic silence from them. Except this, we don’t know, what people were doing with them, before they turned on the camera and sat guys to shot on it. God bless everyone not to be there’, resumed Maria.


Demonstrative detentions take place systematically in ‘young republics’. Wherein nothing can stop fighters.

So, 73-year old Luhansk dweller Anna Ivanovna Hrusha was detained on August this year. Woman came to the monument of Taras Shevchenko in the center of occupied by fighters Luhansk and began to sing Ukrainian anthem. ‘Republic security forces’ brought old lady to the ‘police dept’, but in spite of beating and bullying, released woman doesn’t hand over her positions, even closely monitored. She’s going to come out on actions, where she is the only participant.

There are a lot of cases of aggression against civil people from the side of occupiers. ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ fighters are keeping locals at bay, showing them on the illustrative example, what could happen with rebel to ‘new order’.

Marina Kuraptseva to

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