Daily digest. The event review of the situation on the occupied, frontline and peaceful areas of the East of Ukraine and also Crimea

Insurgents called ‘provocation’ the opening of checkpoint ‘Zolotoe’, 10 sorting lines of household waste in Donetsk region, ‘Road Map’ will be discussed on November 29, seriously ill, underaged and other Ukrainian prisoners in L/DPR, Ukraine called Kremlin to solve matter about utility payments on occupied territories.

Occupants give to ‘LPR’ residents information about opening checkpoint ‘Zolotoe’ as provocation and claim that there is no desirous to cross the demarcation line from their side. Separatist media actively began to report about it since yesterday.

‘LPR’ residents didn’t succumb to provocation of Kyiv, tried to open unilaterally the checkpoint through the demarcation line near Pervomaisk – Zolotoe’, so-called ‘Minister of Internal Affairs of “LPR” Igor Cornet has noted it and added that there are no people on ‘LPR’ side.

Fighter also said that they could ‘avoid provocations’ thanking to timely informing of inhabitants of ‘republic’ about preparing of the hostile actions from the Ukrainian side. There are a lot of mined territories around and they’re dangerous.

The new sorting line of municipal waste in Kramatorsk will process up to 50 tons of garbage a day. The head of Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration Pavel Jebrivsky has reported about it on his Facebook page.

‘It will be enough for Kramatorsk. The sorting line selects from the crowd up to 7% of the waste: plastics, glass, paper, metal. All of this is pressed and sales on recycling plants’, Jebrivsky clarified and added that specialists at this sphere are building now complex system of selection and recycling garbage in the region.

‘The program is designed for 5 years. First stage is the forming of system of selection and sorting. Such sorting lines we will build next year in Toretsk, Bakhmut, Slavyansk, Liman, Konstantinovka, Bolshaya Novoselovka, Dobropolie, Volnovakha i Kurakhovo. We work also on the construction of sorting line in Mariupol. Thus we will cover by sorting lines all territory of Donetsk region, controlled by Ukrainian authorities’, the governor clarified.

‘We will invite private investors for it. But, the system of the selection and sorting of municipal solid waste must be built here for the economy and payback. We will also start the process of recycling and liquidation of existing dumps and sludge fields. And also we will eliminate natural landfills. We’re going to form new culture of treatment with garbage by all these measures, also we will come to separate collection. So, we’ll do the same as in Europe’, Jebrivsky resumed.

Meeting of MIA heads, during which the matter of the ‘Road Map’ of Donbass will be discussed, will happen on Tuesday, November, 29. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin has reported about it.

According to his words, the participants are discussing the date of negotiations.

‘We’re discussing this date. Not so long ago I was speaking with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, we set, as possible, the next date – November 29’, Klimkin clarified.

There is still problems with prisoners and hostages on the occupied part of Eastern Ukraine. Negotiation participants didn’t come to compromise in Minsk about offer to release 57 other hostages, which keeping fighters representatives had confirmed. First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Geraschenko has reported about it on her Facebook page.

‘They demand to release more than 730 people (more and more with every session), who committed crimes against Ukraine, including hard (this list has murderers and those who is irrelevant to Donbass conflict, but implicated to terrorist acts in Odessa or Kharkiv’, Geraschenko stressed.

She also added, that Ukrainian side doesn’t lose a hope and will look for another compromise.

‘We don’t lose hope to find compromise, we work not only in time of work of Minsk groups, but also between sessions. We do our best to have good news for hostages’ families’, she clarified.

Also, Ukrainian humanitarian subgroup tried to deal with representatives of fighters about release of  a few seriously ill and old-aged, but received flat refusal.

‘Ukrainian side made a concrete offer to release few seriously ill and old-aged, in particular, religious scholar and historian Igor Kozlovsky, his health seriously deteriorated. Unfortunately, they got flat refusal from representatives of Special Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions (SDDLR)’. Geraschenko stressed.

Except this, according to her words, Ukraine demanded during the negotiations to stop fake cases against underaged and to free all children, who were blamed in sabotages by fighters.

‘The fate of teens, who is blamed in sabotages by SDDLR, like children were recruited by or SSU ex-employee or ex-representative of ‘Azov’ baеtalion, who ran in uniform of his unit in occupied Donetsk and forced to ‘terror’, was discussed in separate block. Ukraine demands to stop fake cases against underaged, to release these children and they will come back to their families. Our security forces structures note, that person, who called the ‘representative of one of battalions’ by dreamers from SDDLR, hasn’t never been in it, it’s fake and rave’, Geraschenko noted.

Ukrainian humanitarian subgroup during its work in Minsk called Russia, which is responsible for occupied territories of Donbass, to solve the problem with debt on the water in ‘republics’ and prevent humanitarian catastrophe. First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Geraschenko has reported about it on her Facebook page.

‘Huge debt has been accumulating for two years. They are a heavy burden on not rich budget of Luhansk region. But not only civil people get water, but also institutions and enterprises. Thanks to International Committee of the Red Cross, who supported in temporary solving of this problem. However, in future Ukraine won’t provide water for free. All citizens of Ukraine pay for utility. Ukrainian side demands from RF, which is absolutely responsible for occupied territories, prevent humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass. Debts for the provided water must be paid, it must be paid for water and electricity’, Iryna Geraschenko has stressed.