What’s happening with IDP-children in Donetsk region

566 800 internally displaced persons (491 thousand of families) has been registered in the controlled part of Donetsk region. 69.5 thousands from them are children.

Website of Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration (RMCA) reports that events to protect rights of IDP orphans and children deprived of parental care are permanently held. 33 children from the total number of IDP-kids were adopted during 2015.

42 IDP-children have been already adopted for 9 months of 2016.

According to 12.10.2016 327 orphans and children deprived of parental care, who removed from temporary occupied territory and ATO districts of Donetsk region and also 17 children from Luhansk region, were registered at Services for Children. 168 kids from them are in budget facilities. The work is continuing according to the protection of rights of 17 children to get them IDP-certificate.

There are 115 children among IDP under the tutelage of citizens. All of them have IDP-certificates, their legal representatives get fully and timely monthly address and state aid for the maintenance of children.

9 foster families and 4 children’s homes of family type, in which 44 children are educated, removed from territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as a result of ATO area. 41 child has IDP-certificate. Checks of the living conditions and upbringing of these children at their new inhabitation were carried out during a year by Services for Children of Donetsk RMCA. Violations of children’s rights not found.

64 children, including 4 from Luhansk region, who removed from ATO area without legal representatives, were detected.

Among them: 32 children arrived to study independently in specialized schools, 17 from them have IDP-certificates, 10 get monthly targeted support.

31 kid live in relative’s families, 28 of them have IDP-certificates, 22 get monthly targeted support.

It has become possible after changes in the order of registration and issuance of certificates of registration of internally displaced persons, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 01.10.2014 #509, which regulates the mechanism of getting certificate of registration of children transferred without their parents or other legal representatives, Children’s Affairs Service request.

Some family-type orphanages and foster families removed from Ukraine territory to Russian Federation, Belarus Republic and Autonomous Republic of Crimea in connection with ATO and consequently residence of children in warfare zone endangers their lives and health.  

So, 5 family-type orphanages, in which 32 children are educated and 10 foster families, in which 12 children are educated from temporary uncontrolled to Ukraine territory and 4 foster families, in which 11 children are educated from controlled by Ukraine territory have removed. It’s families with children from Avdeevka, Bahmut, Konstantinovka, Toretsk.

Services for Children of Donetsk RMCA have sent a letter to determine the location of kids to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about possibility of coming back of orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ukraine.

Now according to letters, provided by MFA, the fact of residence in the RF territory of 30 orphans and children deprived of parental care, who entered Russia with legal representatives because of ATO, has been confirmed. The work at this direction has been continuing.

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