Lutsenko claimed in Donetsk region that Yanukovich worries him

Attorney general of Ukraine Jury Lutsenko made few interesting statements during his visit to Donetsk region on December 27.

Hold meetings with prosecutors in Konstantinovka, Lutsenko, in particular, claimed, that prosecutor’s zeal is necessary to people in occupied areas to feel that law is on their side in Ukraine.

‘I want to take note that there is a need for you to work hard and better in Donetsk region than in other regions. Why? It’s not because there’re another people and not because there’re some special cases of gangs. It’s legends that there is more criminal… I’m asking you only to work better at 50%’, Lutsenko told.

Lutsenko called lack of an effective investigation against the organizers and ideologues of separatism in the region one of the disadvantages of prosecutor’s of Donetsk region activity.  

He reminded, that suspect in the organization of the separatist movement in Luhansk region Aleksander Efremov is acquainting with the pre-trial investigation materials. The decision about place of holding trial will be made after that. The investigation of his case is over.

‘Most likely it will be Luhansk region, because it will be politically and legally right – on the place of commission of the crime and exactly where separatist ideologists have opened doors to war’ Lutsenko clarified.

Attorney general noted that prosecutor of Donetsk region didn’t worked at the appointed direction.

‘There are no results and masterminds and those who financially and publicly supported separatist movements in Donetsk region, including the heads of top-brass structures, who in fact betrayed the oath and either actively or passively contributed to holding the referendum and next separatist actions’, the head of Prosecutor General of Ukraine noted.

He set a task to regional prosecutor to strengthen the efficiency of the investigation according to manifestations of separatism and expressed confidence that it will brings the result.

He also claimed about the necessity of release from the post of deputy prosecutor of Slavyansk, made drunken brawl in the blockpost and hide under fake illness.

Jury Lutsenko reminded that formation of General inspection is over and it will be ‘punishing sword all over Ukraine’.

Also he reminded that the employee of prosecutor’s office, guilty in death car accident and who had a post in Prosecutor General of Ukraine few years, was fired by his order.

During Kramatorsk briefing the head of PGU told about runaway ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich, who’s hiding in Russia.

‘All PGU offers to Yanukovich any conditions, any safety guarantees, any guarantees of feeding chosen by him. The only we will choose the place of his residence – in the isolation ward of SSU, because he is accused of committing particularly serious crime – treason, an attack on the territorial integrity of our state.

Yes, I must recognize that Yanukovich is worrying me. But all investigation is carrying out according to the law. And how his protection would show manipulation and artistic miracles, we will act according to the law…’, Jury Lutsenko, who was in jail in time of Yanukovich power, told.

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