Pensioner in occupied Luhansk was detained for Ukrainian symbolism

‘LPR’ fighters have detained pensioner in occupied Luhansk, who placed Ukrainian symbolism at the yard of his house. Users of social media ‘’ report about this.

‘Neighbors likely squealed on him, because the inscription on the fence ‘Ukraine most of all!’ wasn’t seen from the street’, Luhansk resident Sergei reported to edition.

Subjects with Ukrainian symbolism were found out at 62-year old Luhansk inhabitant Sergei Vlasenko’s house on January 1. The source reported that few people were detained after the search of pensioner.

‘I don’t how is he, people say, that he is suspected, as usual here, in espionage, because they found yellow-blue ribbons’, he added.  

It had become the base to search in the house.

SBU has confirmed the information that ‘LPR’ insurgents have detained the pensioner in occupied Luhansk, placed Ukrainian symbolism at the yard of his house. The SBU advisor Jury Tandit has reported about it in the commentary to

‘We are aware of capture. I can say that unfortunately during last days detentions of Ukrainian citizens, who are living on the temporary occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, began to happen more often.

This situation alarms us and actually shows, that people in Donetsk and Luhansk don’t have enough common sense, because they catch people only for their patriotism and love to Ukraine. It’s the only criminal that they made’, Tandit said.

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