Light tripping in ‘LPR’: ‘republic’ is falling into darkness

Mass disconnection of electricity is continuing on the occupied by ‘LPR’ fighters territories. Luhansk, Alchevsk, Bryanka and also Perevalsk district are partly periodic exposed to turning off the power.

The tripping is calling utility collapse: the water disappears at flats, sometimes heating. GSM works with breaks.

‘There is no light, no wash, no call… It’s unthinkable! No web and connection. We live like in middle ages’, people from uncontrolled territories are outraged.

According to the version of the representatives of Power Distribution Networks, such situation appeared because of accident and repair of high-voltage line 500 kV Pobeda-Shakhty (Victory-Mines).

Besides, the rumors are spread among the inhabitants, that disconnections are connected with warfare in Irmino, where power lines are spoiled.

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