Syroid critics. Vice-speaker made loud statement about Crimea and Donbass

On January 18 the vice-speaker of Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid called to recognize the occupation of the territory of Ukraine. She claimed about it during morning session of the Parliament, ‘112 Ukraine’ reports.

She claimed from tribune that it’s the only way to Ukraine – the recognition of the occupation.

‘Till that time while everyone, who contributed to the Russian aggression, who supported it, who encouraged it, won’t be punished, it’s impossible to speak about any reintegration and interaction’, Oksana Syroid stressed.

At the same time the vice-speaker has criticized approved by Cabinet of Ministers conception of the State Target Program of Reconstruction and Development of Donbass. According to her words, this conception doesn’t even have any mention about war and ATO.

‘This is about warfare on the East of Ukraine, which has appeared from nowhere. After such conception was accepted, the Government has already accepted the plan of the actions, directed on the realization of some principles of internal policy in respect of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions where public authorities do not exercise their powers. This plan includes wage of enterprises, located on the occupied territories, this plan has the encouraging of Russian language. By the way, flirtations with this point had become one of the pretexts of Russian aggression and occupation. This plan also has the setting of dialogue with separatists and occupants and reconciliation with them, instead of investigating of the crimes they made’, Syroid marked and added that Government pretends that people are not dying on the East of Ukraine.

‘The Government pretends that people are not dying, that we don’t have deaths, refugees. And at the same time all the burden of losses for all this rests are put on the shoulders of Ukrainians, because Ukrainian taxpayers must pay for Reconstruction. I want to pay the attention that it’s only Russian plan and a plan of oligarchs, who contributed to Russian aggression and who are interested in the preservation of trade on the occupied territories’, vice-speaker of Verkhovna Rada noted.

We precise, that speech of Oksana Syroid MPs listened standing.

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