‘LPR’ keeps count of religious organizations

So-called ‘Ministry of culture, sport and youth’ of ‘LPR’ applied to the headmasters of religious organizations to confirm the ‘information about the legal entity’. Separatist internet editions write.

According to the message, the scroll of documents must be filed to occupation facility no later than February 20.

Also it’s reported that it’s necessary to ‘clarify data about religious organizations, located on ‘LPR’ territory. This is about organizations, ‘registered in accordance with ‘law’ procedure before May 18, 2014’.

It’s noted that ‘it’s necessary to have the original title documents for the registration of religious organizations’. It’s suggested to apply to ‘Department of religious organizations and spirituality’ of the ‘Ministry of culture, sport and youth’ of ‘LPR’ in occupied Luhansk.

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