Next after Bolotov. Who will be sent (poisoned?) after him?

After news about death of the first chieftain of self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ 46-year old Valery Bolotov on January 27 a lot of representatives from different sides have claimed that he was liquidated. Official version tells that he ostensibly dead from heart attack. Moreover there were enough of occasions. Now social media and not only them are actively discussing, who will be the next from ‘Novorossiya’ builders?

We would remind that Bolotov in recent interview (08.12.2016), without choosing words, discredited the current ‘LPR’ chieftain Ihor Plotnitsky. Here is few quotes from it:

  1. ‘I’d said in this way: it was one commander, who was appointed by me – he sabotaged carrying out of the important combat missions. At that moment he was the Minister of Defense – Igor Plotnitsky’.
  2. ‘… there were deals behind my back, was the conspiracy, of course Igor Venediktovich (the patronymic of Plotnitsky) took part in it. When I went out I appointed him as my deputy… While I wasn’t in the place, they were holding quick elections. It was clear beforehand that Plotnisky will be chosen’.
  3. ‘He [Plotnitsky] has made this performance by himself. Where he went so early on Saturday? I know, that he even to WC goes with security and suddenly he went somewhere alone. Maybe he looked for cheap tomatoes in the market? He simply wanted PR-advert. So, Zakharchenko goes on advance, meets with people, but Plotnitsky is afraid to come out to people openly. Of course he doesn’t have an authority. That’s why he needed something loud – explosion, coup d’etat. Something which increases his rating’.
  4. I know that his [Plotnitsky] secret decrees had an order to arrest me, as soon as I appear.

Here is the quote from the post of ‘StopTerror’ coordinator Semen Kabakaev about Bolotov’s death:

‘I want to note that all field commanders of ‘Novorossiya’ will be liquidated. It’s the question of time. My evaluation is the end of 2017. These not so well-controlled people with an opportunity to tell, who gave them orders and headed the special operations at the moment of capture of strategic points in Luhansk and Donetsk regions in 2014, are absolutely unprofitable for Kremlin to live.

Also, first commanders know contrabanda channels, financing from RF, Russian weapon supply, delivery of mercenary and the information about military personnel. Such people are not interesting, they played their roles in 2014. They were the screen for media to show that Donbass people got up, stood up and it was important to show that they were locals, but not planned operation of RF security services and politicians’.

Russian attorney Mark Feygin (he advocated Nadezhda Savchenko, when she was in Russian jail) in the context of Bolotov’s death made the assumption who will die next from pro-Russian insurgents.

According to Feygin’s opinion the decease of the ex-’chairman of the Council of Ministers’ of so-called ‘DPR’ Aleksander Borodai and Russian saboteur, ex-chieftain of ‘DPR’ fighters Igor Strelkov-Girkin will be logic in the series of ‘retired Novorossiya heroes’.

Herewith, attorney called one of the reasons of the necessity to Kremlin to liquidate listed ex-chieftains of occupants the crash of ‘Boeing’ on July 2014 above the Shakhtersk district of Donetsk region. Strelkov and Borodai were ruling self-proclaimed ‘DPR’ that time. Everyone dead at this catastrophe (almost 300 people). All the threads are in the Russian Federation, which moved ‘Buk’ in Donbass, destroyed ‘Boeing’ and then removed ‘Buk’ back on its territory.

IDP-journalist Denis Kazansky reacted on the news about death Valery Bolotov in the next manner: ‘I’ve even thought not so long ago, that enough time has come after last murder of the rebels for ‘Russian world’ and here it is. First ‘LPR’ chieftain was finished off… It’s reported, of course, that he died by himself, but after all these stories about elusive Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, penetrating in Donetsk elevators and faery ‘suicide’ of Tsyplakov, this version looks like formless mockery.

It seems, that somebody really didn’t like last Bolotov interview, where he told, how people of Plotnitsky specially shelled Luhansk in summer 2014 and killed civils to provoke’.

A lot of chieftains ex and act of Donbass pseudo-republics should fear for their lives after the liquidation of ex-ringleader Valery Bolotov by Russian security services. The advisor of the Minister of Internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak has claimed about it.

‘So, one more terrorist chieftain, Luhansk fighter Bolotov was skillfully finished off. One more cleaned by Russian security services degenerates added to the list of dead. Next are: Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, Givi, Borodai, Bezler, Girkin and others’, Shkiryak considers.

According to his opinion, finally, Russia will liquidate all the ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ chieftains, who involved in the tragedy of the downed Malaysian ‘Boeing’ and also witnesses of other war crimes of Kremlin in Donbass.

‘Anyway they are all doomed to a final ‘frantic lift’. And that’s an axiom already. The question is only in time and way of their liquidation, which will be chosen by GRU-FSB’, Shkiryak resumed.

The ex-chieftain of ‘DPR’ fighters Igor Girkin-Strelkov, commenting sudden death of Bolotov, noted:

‘They report about the death of Bolotov. It’s ostensibly confirmed. If it’s true, I wouldn’t say uniquely that it was evil intent – Bolotov has been drinking long and a lot of. Even in time of the beginning of  conflict was ‘not available’ to the everyday evening.

However, the fact that his sudden death happened after he publicly accused mr. Plotnitsky in the betrayal of LPR etc. raises questions. Because deceased Bednov, Mozgovoi, Ischenko and Dremov were like precursors in their replicas about current ‘LPR’ head… However, last time all the ‘heroes of Russian spring’ are dying like rock’n’roll stars in 1960’s’.

And finally…

Here is the quote of Vladimir Basmanov on

‘It has come more than a month after the main entertainer of the creation of ‘LPR’ in 2014 had given his interview (it turned his last) and went into another world. He told at this material that almost all figures who began together with him, were killed and not Ukrainians did this. And he told a lot, also that he’s going to come back to policy of ‘LPR’ and to do some deals in Ukraine. You can read it and you will understand about reasons of ‘sudden death’ of this person.

Not so long ago one of ‘LPR’ leaders, Bolotov supporter Tsyplakov was hanged in one of Luhansk cellars (, ‘DPR’ co-founder Eugeniy Zhilin was killed in Moscow region. I stopped to count ‘heroes of anti-Ukrainian revolution’ killed by RF security services or by the order maybe at 10th or 15th corpse. These people implicated bloody mess actually in the interests of the ruling Kremlin bastards. And soon they don’t need Russian top, even more they began to look as potential threats carriers, because they could have own ambitions and personal plans. Their death finalizes this filthy operation of Russian security officers, in which thousands were killed, millions became refugees, first-string Russian-speaking area is destroyed and turned into hell.

FSB also as KGB has the Department which produces different poisons, also those which create the heart attack or stroke impression. The specialists of this profile were brought to solve the problem of this ‘Novorossiya’ hero. And the moment after Borodai claimed that monument to Bolotov is necessary in ‘LPR’. How disgusting these RF figures! They kill their own regular ‘hero’ and right here they put a monument to him. It has always been and so it will be.

I repeat my own words, said few years ago. It’s typically for RF (and earlier for USSR) to use people in their interests and then demolite them. Such strategy is not new for this cannibal KGB Mordor’.

Погода в Киеве