Is FSB holding an operation to move Zakharchenko out?

The representatives of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that FSB RF under the guise of ‘local media’ is holding anonymous telephone poll of the residents of temporary occupied territories of Donetsk region.

People are asked about their treatment to the chieftain of the self-proclaimed ‘DPR’ Aleksander Zakharchenko and his methods of ‘management’.

Everything shows that operation to move out Zakharchenko is preparing. He is full of corruption and contrabanda, according to the data of different sources and also is guilty in in the mass of ‘operations’, after which his ‘comrades’ has become victims of them. And his a lot of ridiculous statements (about ‘capturing’ of Kyiv and London, and about ‘situation’ after which the ‘republic’ will be covered with the wave of investments etc.) also make ‘DPR’ chieftain inconvenient figure for Russian curators.

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