Not pushers, but victims: Ukraine suddenly responded to the accusations of Russia

Hundreds of Ukrainians are imprisoned in Russian Federation – victims of trafficking, accused of drug trafficking. Artem Shevchenko, the head of PR-dept of MIA of Ukraine, has reported about it.

He reacted in a such way on the message of MIA of RF about the cessation of activities of international drug cartels ‘Khimprom’, with an annual turnover of more than 2 billion rubles. According to data of Russian law enforcements 47 Ukrainians were in drug group. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is waiting for the confirmation of detention of these citizens. It hasn’t come yet…

‘Law enforcements affirm that there are hundreds of such prisoners on Russian territory, hundreds of people from our country. Isolation wards of periphery are full of Ukrainians’, Shevchenko claimed.

He emphasized that Ukrainians are tempted by promised payments (road compensation, profit so on) and it’s a real trouble.

Then Russian justice makes from them not the victims of traffic for propaganda, who because of trick or own mistake had become victims, but they make from them such a loud drug syndicates. We have made already last year huge press-conference, dedicated to the detention of one of criminal groups, who were traffickers. In fact, those who answered on the adds about courier work, were transported to Russia. And then they made them to transport narcotic substances by the way of so-called ‘markers’.

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