Heroes rescue rangers were awarded in Avdiivka

Avdiivka Coke plant CEO Musa Magomedov has reported that enterprise has made special mention of the staff of State Emergency Service. SES workers helped Avdiivka to survive two weeks of shellings.

‘I believe even in the most black days that everything will be alright, because these guys are with us. We made a special mention of SES staff and handed them letters of thanks and monetary reward. We presented a car to Urban FIRE AND RESCUE TEAM. Thanks from every dweller for generators and heating points work, for the delivery of water, for recovery of damaged housing. Thanks for the help in liquidation of the circumstances of the shellings of plant. Thanks for demining of routes and escort of energy specialists to the places of breaks of power line. And hundreds more thanks for your kind cases and real heroism’, Magomedov wrote on his Facebook page.

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