Occupied Luhansk region paid to Ukraine regular millions for water

Utility ‘Popasnyansky vodokanal’ (Popasnaya Water Treatment) got 2.9 millions UAH (~$105 407) on February, 13 for water supply on uncontrolled to Ukraine government territory of Luhansk region.

The Ministry for the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs of Ukraine reported that funds transferred to utility ‘Popasnyansky vodokanal’ account for human consumption water on January 2017.

‘The payment for water supply from uncontrolled to Ukraine government is carrying out on mechanism agreed during a meeting in Minsk, the Tripartite Liaison Group on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Calculations are carried out on the controlled by Ukrainian government territory, the enterprises, involved in them, are registered on the controlled nby Ukraine government territory and are carrying out the activity of the Ukrainian legal field’, Ministry representatives emphasized.

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