Concerns from occupied Donbass filled the budget of Ukraine on 32 billions of UAH, 800 millions of them is for military collection

The enterprises, working on Separate Districts of Luhansk and Donetsk Regions (SDLaDR), but legally reissued in Ukraine, paid in country’s budget 31.7 billions UAH (~$1.16 billion). SBU head advisor Jury Tandit claimed about it in the interview to ‘5 channel’.

According to his words military collection amounted to 800 million UAH (~$29.21 millions).

‘We must take decisions keeping in mind that our fellow citizens are behind the line of collision. So, enterprises, registered in Ukraine, where law is valid, but located on the territory of SDLaDR, paid to budget of Ukraine up to 20 billions UAH (~$730 millions) for 2015, 31.7 billions UAH (~$1.16 billion) are for 2016. I can say that this amount includes military collection 800 million UAH (~$29.21 millions). These companies pay to our soldiers could protect the integrity of Ukraine’, Tandit clarified.

He also reminded that Ukrainian territory is behind the Line of Contact too.

‘Yes, there are a lot of provokers, also from the territory of neighbor country, who hinder us to be reunited. But there are also a lot of conscientious people who honestly pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine. Let’s don’t look for Shroedinger `s cat, because it even can’t exist. I’m speaking with numbers about fact that these concerns pay taxes’, he emphasized.

Total Ukrainian budget revenues in 2016, according to data of the National Bank of Ukraine, are 616 billions of UAH (~$22.50 billions), 5% from them were paid from occupied territory.

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