Ukrainian vessel was detained in occupied Crimea: details appeared

Russian border guards detained Ukrainian fishing vessel ‘Fisherman of Kherson’ ‘for violation of the state border’ in occupied by RF Crimea. The statement of the so-called ‘Crimean border service’ of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Ukrainian ship followed under the national flag of Ukraine (Port of registration of the ship – Ilyichevsk, shipowner – ‘BARA – Ukraine – Odessa’ Ltd.), when it ostensibly ‘violated state border and deepened to the territory of the Russian Federation for almost 400 meters’. After that RF border guards (ship ‘Ametist’) pursued vessel and landed aboard.

It’s reported that there are 11 Ukrainian citizens on the ship. It’s a captain and his command. It was detected in time of check, that vessel was making the exploration of aquatic biological resources in open waters. The captain was brought to ‘administrative responsibility’ under part 1 of Art. 18.1. CoAP of the Russian Federation (violation of the state border regime of the Russian Federation). He was fined 60 thousand rubles (~$990).

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