Third year without Ukraine or stories about occupied Luhansk. Part 2 is continuing to publish diary of Luhansk dweller, stayed in native city and tasted all the charms of ‘Russian world’…

Last time I see a lot of children in the city of age up to three years. It’s said that many children are born during a war not to lose the connection of generations. But I can’t understand, how people make up their minds to born a child, when there is no money, the water is supplied by schedule, quality food has wild prices, when it’s unknown what will be tomorrow? But they are giving births. You can often meet moms with children, come to get scanty monthly allowance for a child of up to three years, which is 1 720 rubles (~$28). Diapers pack costs so. ‘Republic’ pays one-time benefit 20 640 rubles (~$340) at the birth of a child. This is the cost of the cradle and stroller.

A child grows, goes to a kindergarten, at school. There are Russian language from the first class, Ukrainian comes on the backstage, it’s put in the timetable twice a week. Child gets task to tell about him|herself, owns family, Motherland. What will kid tell? How his father fought with ‘ukrop’ (Ukrainian patriotic warriors, sounded with English dill, but in a sense of plant – ed.) and child’s mother was giving ammos to him? Or will he|she tell about that Motherland, which doesn’t recognize ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ and holds it as military polygon? What children will be taught? Will it be the history of Donbass lands or history of Russia? Geography of Donbass or Russia? Will they be taught church canons on which the ‘Russian world’ rests, or the Word of God? Nothing Ukrainian except language and literature aren’t provided in the educational program, but in some schools kids are taught on Ukrainian tutorials, because Russians were brought not so a lot. One more, children are taught patriotism in educational institutions. Patriotic events are held on every big holiday, celebrated in Russia. Also, ‘Memorable dates of LPR’ – ‘the anniversary of republic’, ‘the anniversary of taking of Debaltsevo’ are added to this entertainment… Plus the militarized game Zarnitsa, meetings with veterans of World War II, veterans and heroes of the ‘liberation movement for the freedom of LPR’ are held. There children listen that their main enemy is ‘Ukrainian-Bandera Nation, which is worst than fascists’. This lost generation will grow with hate to Ukrainian state and love to Russia the ‘savior’.

Child finishes the school, gets a ‘document’, means ‘chit’. Where graduate can go with it? Only to ‘LPR, DPR universities’ and if there be a luck to RF universities. Last variant is better, of course, because if child finishes university in unrecognized reservation, his|her diploma will become a paper, which costs nothing.

Lost childhood, lost youth… That’s great if parents can register a child to distance learning in Ukraine, so there is a chance to shield kid’s psyche from unpleasant surprises, which ‘Russian world’ carries with itself. But Ukraine, more precisely, its power, not really hard think about ATO children.

I know an orphan girl, finished school on the eve of a war. She passed the External Independent Evaluation tests, moving out from flaming Luhansk region to Zaporozhye region. She received a good score, applied for admission to law faculties of several Ukrainian universities. But she only got offer to educate on a paid basis in Odessa and in one more law university. Of course she has no money to pay for education. And girl came back on occupied Motherland, entered one of Luhansk fake universities and now she is an activist of youth organization ‘Mir Luganschine’. Even ‘LPR Government’ noticed an excellent pupil. She gets prizes and certificates for her support of the ‘republic’. It’s a pity, but Ukraine lost forever such youth . But it could be imagined free educational place by privilege like an orphan and ATO resident and she could be benef to owns country.

Why people stayed to live in such conditions? Everyone has owns answer on this. Somebody stayed for old parents, who needs everyday help. Somebody has disabled relative. Somebody disabled by its own and isn’t waiting for something good on a ‘Big Land’. Somebody is held by native walls, which are taking care and protecting. Somebody can’t left relatives’ graves. There are also those, who waited active warfare phase far from Luhansk and then came back home, because they couldn’t or didn’t have a wish to hold out a new place. There are even those who came back after a year or two, because they didn’t manage to support themselves or their families, paying a big rent amount for flat and risen in price utilities.

There is no need to blame these people. They made their own choice. A lot of them don’t support ‘Russian world’ ideals, but also don’t support the actions of Ukrainian power. A lot of people disappointed in Russian authorities, which promised so a lot and corny threw away all of this. Almost everyone hates such situation, that has developed now in our occupied region. Almost everyone wants camouflaged aliens with their deadly glands to disappear, our land to become quiet and peaceful once again, work, decent salary, a pension and corresponding prices to appear, public figures not to play on our nerves, this nightmare, connected with crossing of block-posts on the Line of Contact, where the big queues and surprises from ‘orcs’ are, to end.

People must be the main value for every country. And while officials treat people like investment object, while state servants don’t take care about them, but worry about owns enrichment, the blossoming won’t come to this country and foci of discontent will burn. They can flame in an every minute and bring to more bloody and tragic consequences.  

Ukrainians must understand that they are the bearers of power in their own country, and it’s from them their future depends. They must appreciate themselves, their will, their state.

Take care about Ukraine! It’s the only for us! And Donbass always was and is the part of it. It’s Ukrainian region! It has own character, own history and traditions, which will necessarily intertwined with the history and traditions of other regions of our glorious country!


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