‘LPR’ fighters have claimed about ‘Ukrainian subversive and reconnaissance group’ in Sokolniki

Separatist portals have promulgated the information that so-called ‘People’s militia’ have crowded out the ‘subversive and reconnaissance group of Kyiv top brassers’ from ‘village Sokolniki area of Slavyanoserbsk district’.

Fighters’ representative Andrei Marochko has claimed: ‘Yesterday, according to received operative data and messages of locals the subversive and reconnaissance group of the enemy was found out near settlement Sokolniki of Slavyanoserbsk district of ‘LPR’. During searches our intelligence group has found out it at 10 pm in one of abandoned houses. After saboteurs refusal to give up the battle began. At the same time, from the territory, controlled by AFU, the enemy began to support the breakthrough of subversive and reconnaissance group with intensive fire from high calibre machine guns’.

According to fighter words ‘the enemy has managed to go out under the fire cover in the direction of Krymske village on the territory, controlled by Armed Forces of Ukraine’.

We would remind that ATO HQ told about fighters’ lie that they are going to make stage video filming of ‘Ukrainian subversive and reconnaissance group’ leaving near settlement Sokolniki (Luhansk region).


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