Legal mechanism is ready: the Minister of Justice about visa regime between Russia and Ukraine

The Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko supports an idea of introducing of visa regime between Ukraine and Russian Federation and claims that there are no legal interferences for it. ‘Ukrainskaya pravda’ writes about it.

‘Legal mechanisms’ are absolutely ready’, he answered to journalists on a question about possibility of introducing visa regime for Russians.

‘It’s a technical process. If there will be a political – Ukraine is ready. And I think that we will help – the command of the Ministry of Justice to our colleagues from MFA, which will promote this process – to develop quickly the decision of Government to carry on political decisions and to start this process’.

Petrenko expressed his solidarity with the Secretary of NSDC Alexander Turchinov about the expediency of introducing a visa regime with Russian Federation.

He noted that ‘from the point of view of the safety of Ukraine, national safety, from the point of view of the limiting of movement on the territory of Ukraine of agents, who massively come here under various pretexts, it would be right decision’.

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