Luhansk cossack and also SBU officer: new facts were opened in Efremov’s trial

One of the heads of Luhansk cossacks, Leonid Ruban, turned an unofficial employee of the ‘T’ department (Department of National State Protection) of the SBU in Lugansk region. ‘Gordon’ edition writes about it.

According to the information of portal the ex-head of SBU Dept. in Luhansk region Alexander Petrulevich told about it, being a witness in Starobelsk district court of Luhansk region, where criminal proceedings against Aleksander Efremov is happening. Petrulevich noted that SBU Colonel Akhtyrsky refused to begin trial against Leonid Ruban.

‘I’ll stabilize the situation and bringing him to criminal liability could negatively affect on the issues of national security in the Luhansk region, and in particular of all country’, Petrlevich retold the words of Colonel.

As it’s known, Ruban applied with an open letter ‘to the president of another state with the call for troops to enter Ukraine’. Petrulevich told that in time of talk about Ruban’s topic Akhtyrsky asked to resign and was subsequently fired.

As it was told earlier he called RF president to deploy troops to Ukraine at the beginning of Donbass capturing by pro-Russian gangs.

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