Crimea begins to see clearly: ‘We are a dust on polite boots’

The blogger, writing under a nickname Krymsky banderovets (Crimean Banderaman) has reported last news from occupied peninsula and Sevastopol. Locals assure that it’s getting worse to live under ‘sensitive government’ of Russia.

Here are the information from Krymsky banderovets (ыpelling and punctuation are original):

  1. Nearly 700 000 people from Russia and NGCA come to permanent residence by approximate calculations. Feels like this.
  2. Human rights activists say that Crimea for occupants become a polygon to work out how to suppress the civic activity in Russia itself: searches, torture, abductions…
  3. I adore to watch how come and local pro-Russians are gnawing throats with each other: ‘Finally, we came to have a rest in Crimea! Everyone knows that there is a crisis in Russia last years and a lot of people say that it’s because of Crimea. Anyway, the stories that financing of regions is decreasing, because of a mad funding in Crimea, are heard more often and often. And everything could be alright if we didn’t come here. Where is all these crazy money? What’s up? Crimean people are not going to feed you forever! Come to your senses! 3 year in Russia and roads in Yevpatoria are worst than earlier, price for food is high, and there are rude in the hotels, there is no infrastructure as it was. Anonymously’.

Answers: ‘I didn’t understand, where’s my money? Did you mix up an address? I didn’t get anything. Have you sent a lot?, ‘Stupid durk post’, ‘Oh, Lord! So, move away to Turkey! Nobody forcedly brought you to Crimea!’, ‘Address all your speech to authorities, not to us! Or you think that we’re glamorizing here?’, ‘We are like cattle and don’t give a f…ck’, ‘Headmasters are all from the times of Party of Regions. So, they continue to pull everything themselves. And as our simple people were getting 1500 UAH (~$200 before the Revolution, now ~$60 – ed.), so they’re getting the same amount now, considering such a fact that prices with pre-Maidan are 1:10. So, those who’re paid 15 000 RUR it’s 1500 UAH the old way’, ‘Don’t come to us, we’re not waiting for you! Become too choosy? Go past us!’, ‘Where are you from, a good man? From what hole you come to us, our breadwinner?, ‘It’s unknown who feeds whom! Continental dealers are actively buying up land, sanatoriums and boarding houses at bargain prices. They know scoundrels, that when bridge (Kerch bridge – ed.) will start to function, the price for land will harshly increase! Krasnodar region has normally risen, selling shitty and substandard food and vegetables! You’re not paying now for Black Sea Fleet. So, shut up! Everyone needs to pay for joy!’, ‘Go f…cking away from Crimea Did people guilty in everything?’, ‘Holy shit! Overfeed’.

  1. Yevpatoria. Tourists have hysterical bouts: ‘Great, hospitable dwellers! You were rude to vacationers – RESPECT to you! We also come to have a rest here. But not because we’re dreaming about Crimea, but because it’s impossible for us, reservists, to go abroad. Where I’d like to set off with a great pleasure! Such a situation in the country. We come to have a rest – it was better to sit at home. We paid for three persons 60 thousands of rubles (~$950) for 10 days. There are only shrews work in the shops. Beaches are full of mud. How do you think, do we dream to come to you once again? How many years have you been living at the expense of holidaymakers? Did we paid taxes for so many years to bring you at the moment Russian money? After such a joining our prices rose high. We can’t grow vegetables, but prices of your locals markets shock! We pay for 47 sq. m. flat 7500 Russian rubles (~$118). Do you think everyone of us have Moscow salaries? F…ck not! I earn 14 500 RUR (~$228), husband 22 000 RUR (~$347). We have two children. I read your comments and went nuts! Anonymously, pls, because I feel the flight of sneakers into me’.
  2. Sevastopol propagandists found out what infuriates most of all dwellers. I quote some answer: ‘This makes me anger that life in the city becomes worse in all directions. Terrible roads, everything is very expensive, crazy price for house rent’, ‘It makes me anger that people became embittered. It makes me anger that neither scientists nor IT-crowd come here for permanent residence, but here they are – different waste like thievish officials from Russian villages, criminal refugees and rascals of southern nationality’. Further answer are covering all the spheres of life – from terrible mobile connection till utility services.
  3. ‘Dear vladimir vladimirovich, our city is dying! Please, save our lovely city!’, pro-Russians from Alupka collectively call putin and ask to make everything as it was earlier. But not slaves live in Alupka, ‘PUTIN HU…LO’ appeared on the wall of one of houses.


  1. Sevastopol beneficiaries were settled in flats under the cameras of Russian propagandists in 2014. They were thrown out from there in 2015. Pro-Russians recorded video call to putin.
  2. Occupants put for total sale anti-tuberculosis sanatoriums without preserving the medical profile, because they don’t draw their funding! Ukraine could stand it!!! And this despite the fact that the incidence of tuberculosis in the Crimea is increasing! But one of the phrases made me shocked: ‘Such sanatoriums are unprofitable in russia, because people with tuberculosis are usually poor’.
  3. One of trolls at pro-Russian forum suggested to send all dissatisfied in Africa. People answered to him: ‘There won’t be anything to seize if all unhappy leave. The sense is lost after this. There are disgruntled only those who haven’t ever had anything. But if displeased leave, those, who will stay, at the moment will lost pleasant status, i. e. those, stayed, will need to maintain official apparat. Brains left and continue to leave in places, in which there are no talks about patriotism. And this stream won’t be stopped by any of idea slogans. Sevastopol turns into pensioner and military city’.  
  4. One more pro-Russian showed signs of mind: ‘Sevastopol is so small that there is not enough place for a number of people. Not everyone understands it yet. We are the dust on polite boots. They needed territory. People are ballast here’. And other traitor remembered what Ukraine gave them: ‘The things, that were impossible to crush, pull apart, evict, displace in Ukrainian times, are easier to justify, press and seize in modern russia. Painful and embarrassing for the city’.
  5. Moderators, hey there! There are pro-Russian rebels at Sevastopol forums: ‘I’m angry too. My house stands in the city from 1953. It was when even bird houses weren’t built in some city’s districts, when there lived my grandfather, father and then I. And some Moscow goon sharpened his sting to put multi-apartment low-rise buildings and blatantly lies directly in the eyes that no one will be demolished. And there are almost all cottage township in the city. And I didn’t steal this land!!! Forget about courts and justice, Femida is blind and protects only those, who will put more money on her weights. So, be glad while we’re making peaceful protests. The only housing is at stake and it’s not a sin to war for native home’.
  6. Sevastopol beaches are still empty, but there is armoured taxi near it.


  1. Sevastopol propagandists received audio recordings (Is it by chance?), which witness about colossal level of corruption of ‘officials’ in Crimea, including Constantinov. Moreover, betrayals say in recordings that ‘Crimea is not the territory of russia, there’s a little bit difference here’.
  2. Only 40% of Crimean residents pay contributions for the overhaul of apartment buildings. Others are Banderamen!
  3. A FSB Colonel in reserve Sergei Shimko was appointed a head of Central Market in Kerch. KGB is everywhere!

P.S. Traitor wakes up at night in a cold sweat. He had a nightmare. The traitor can not come to himself for a long time. Something continues to bother him. And here, straining the two working convolutions with all his might, he thrusts his hand under the pillow and gropes there a Ukrainian biometric passport. Traitor keeps calm. Palpitation comes back to normal. He knows that today at midnight the visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU will start. The traitor goes to sleep. He is no longer disturbed by nightmares. He dreams of the flag of the European Union against the background of “Ode to Joy”, the Ukrainian Trident, the airport ‘Borispol’ and the streets of Paris …

Погода в Киеве