Explosions with victims in Luhansk: all data, pictures and video

Two explosions thundered in the center of Luhansk near Square to Heroes of WWII on July 7. There are dead and wounded. ‘Top-brassers’ of the pseudo-republic traditionally blamed ‘Ukrainian saboteurs’. Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Coordination and Ceasefire (JCCC) in Donbass is sure that it was done by illegal armed formations of NGCA of Luhansk region.

First explosion thundered in Luhansk nearly 3 pm.
‘LPR police medical service captain died, five people got injured, including civils’, the ‘head of ‘People’s militia’ of pseudo-republic Andrei Marochko has reported about it. According to his words ‘a terrorist act happened not far from Government House in Luhansk’.
Fighters cordoned off the city. According to their words, the homemade explosive device stuffed with cut-off fittings, put in the urn near food shop.

Later fighters reported that second explosion thundered near 5 pm not far from the place of the first. Ostensibly the car was blown up, two persons were wounded.

The victims of the terrorist attacks in Lugansk received multiple injuries. Orthopedist-traumatologist of one of Luhansk hospitals Dmitry Kotukha has reported about it. According to his words, four patients with varying degrees of severity of injuries were delivered: two women and two men.

‘One man was brought with penetrating damage to the abdominal cavity, with damage to the intestine, kidney, limbs. Two women, too, with varying degrees of severity: the wound of the hand, feet’, a doctor told.


So-called ‘MGB LPR’ called NGCA inhabitants: ‘don’t leave owns houses in a closer time and don’t create a  large concentration of people in public places due to the high level of terrorist threat’.


So-called ‘Ministry of of Communications and Mass Media’ of the ‘republic’ has reported about a cancellation of all events, planned on Saturday, July 8, dedicated to a family, love and fidelity.

The head of ‘LPR’ Igor Plotnitsky performed with a statement, in which he claimed that ‘republic law enforcements’ will do ‘their best to punish guilty in appointed terrorists acts and to prevent next aggressive actions’.
Unlike Plotnitsky, Marochko ‘appointed’ the perpetrators. According to his opinion it’s Kyiv, which ostensibly tried in this way to disrupt the meeting between Putin and Trump in the confines of the G20, within the framework of which they will allegedly outline a ‘peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass’.
In its turn, Ukrainian side of JCCC cautions that explosions in Luhansk on July 7 could be only the beginning of a series of alike terrorist acts against civils from the side of illegal armed formations. The press-service of the Joint Center for Coordination and Ceasefire has reported about it.
Ukrainian JCCC side reminded also that it warned on June 25 that NGCA gangs can resort to serious provocations and even terrorist acts in human settlements in the Luhansk direction.  
Observers noted that fighters were going to accusate in owns criminals military of AFU and to break the truce declared for the period of harvest in this way.
‘Also, it’s profitable for NGCA fighters that these explosions happened exactly on NGCA territory and that victims were NGCA residents, because this fact makes easiest way to blame Ukrainian Special Services to create necessary background for discussion of the situation on the East of Ukraine at G-20 summit’, Ukrainian part of JCCC considers.
‘Ukrainian side cautions that explosions in Luhansk on July 7, possibly, were only the beginning of a series of alike terrorist acts against civils from the side of gangs. Next could happen within the next few days. It’s possible that this will be followed by the activation of actions of illegal band formations of both occupied regions, which could bring to a significant aggravation of the situation in the East of Ukraine’, the statement told.

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