To develop owns skill to kill: Russian writer Prilepin told about ‘military service in ‘DPR’

Russian writer, so-called ‘DPR’ chieftain Zakharchenko ‘advisor’ and deputy commander of one of ‘DPR’ battalions Zakhar Prilepin refused to answer on a question, if he was forced to kill people in time of Donbass warfare.

The interview with him was issued on July 11 on ‘Dozhd’ (The Rain) TV-channel. According to Prilepin’s words, his battalion stands between Yasinovataya and Horlovka at the advanced positions and it’s in permanent fire contact with Armed Forces of Ukraine troops.

‘Due to certain moments, all military operations take place with my participation and with my direct development’, Prilepin emphasized, added, that situation, in fact, moves nowhere.  

According to his words ‘people are developing their skill to kill’.

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