The regular ‘humanitarian convoy’ arrived from Russia to NGCA

Automobiles of regular 67th ‘humanitarian convoy’ of SES of Russia have arrived to Luhansk and Donetsk. According to pro-Russian media of Donbass fighters, now there is unloading of them is happening.

So-called ‘SES LPR’ reports that 15 trucks have delivered to Luhansk nearly 196 tons of different cargo. Including – 134.8 tons of baby food: 18 424 food sets for children from birth to the year (39.2 tons) and from one to three years (95.5 tons). There were also 43 tons of medicines, 3.7 tons of medical equipment, 12.4 tons of building materials, and 2 tons of educational literature.

According to the information, provided by ‘DPR’ media, there were nearly 30 trucks of humanitarian convoy, arrived to Donetsk. Tonnage and composition of the humanitarian aid hasn’t been reported.

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