Russian writers and bloggers called on ‘DPR’ fighters to release journalist Aseev

Human right community of writers, journalists, translators, editors, publishers and bloggers ‘Svobodnoe slovo’ (Free Word) calls on ‘DPR’ fighters to give access to unlawfully arrested journalist Stanislav Aseev to international observers and doctors. Also they demand to release him as soon as possible. The correspondent statement is promulgated on the website of the association.

‘Stanislav Aseev (published his materials under the nickname Vasin) is an employee of the Ukrainian service of radio “Free Europe/Radio Liberty”, a writer and a blogger. He expresses personal impartial view on what’s happening in his native Donetsk in his texts. The divergence of his point of view with the position of the officials of ‘DPR’ can’t be grounds for his secret arrest and detention’, tells the appeal.

Organization members are afraid that journalist was tortured and it could bring to deterioration of his health.

‘Association ‘Svobodnoe slovo’ protests against unlawful detention of the journalist. We consider this arrest the violation of basic rights and freedoms of human. We fear that journalist was tortured in the detention and it brought with inevitability to deterioration of health of Stanislav Aseev. We call on forces that keep the journalist to give immediately the access to him to international observers and doctors and as soon as possible to release him from unlawful arrest’, members of ‘Svobodnoe slovo’ called on.

58 members of the organization signed the appeal, including writers Svetlana Aleksievich, Boris Akunin (pseudonym Grigory Chkhartishvili), Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Denis Dragunsky, human rights activist Zoya Svetova and others.

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