Germany calls to ‘refrain from discussions’ over occupied Crimea

Coordinator of the German Cabinet for German-Russian Intergovernmental Cooperation Gernot Erler called to ‘refrain from discussions’ over occupied by Russia Ukrainian Crimea. The Funke edition has reported about it.

‘The European consensus stipulates that first it’s necessary to concentrate completely on the political solution of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, and the theme of Crimea should be brought to the agenda only in the framework of the subsequent political process’, Erler claimed.

He commented in such a way the statement of a leader of Free Democratic Party of Germany Christian Lindner, called to ‘forget’ about the ‘Crimean issue’ and proposed to weaken sanctions against Russian Federation.

Erler supposes that the question about weakening of sanctions against country-aggressor could be solved only by carrying out of Minsk agreements, but there are no talks about it: ‘The efforts of both sides of a conflict are needed’.

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