‘Another name’. Zakharchenko claimed that ‘there won’t be malorossiya’

According to words of illegal armed pro-Russian gang ‘DPR’ fighters’ chieftain Aleksander Zakharchenko, so-called project ‘malorossiya’ won’t be implemented. Pro-Russian websites quote fighters’ chieftain statement.

According to his words ‘already now we can say that there won’t be the name ‘Malorossiya’, because it causes rejection in many people; a lot of interesting, varied proposals were received’.

The chieftain of fighters also claimed that ‘Kyiv must think about its further policy in order to avoid the collapse of the country’, however, Zakharchenko didn’t specify what did he mean under these words.

We would remind that ‘DPR’ chieftain Zakharchenko claimed about the creation of a new ‘state’ at the end of July, 2017.

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