Messages about ‘seizure’ of school in Popasnaya weren’t confirmed. SMM OSCE didn’t understand the situation

One of schools of Popasnaya was re-organized. According to report of the Chairman of the Popasnaya District State Administration Sergei Shakun to school wasn’t closed. Inclusive education center for children with special needs will be opened on a base of this educational facility.

Also he confirms that work to create a center is going on now. Earlier an order to re-organize school No.27 with further replacement of pupils and employee teachers of this school into the other educational facilities was issued.  

Earlier media and SMM OSCE said in their report from August 4, 2017 that ‘following media reports about closure of a school in Popasna, the SMM visited the school, located in a residential area about 30m from the nearest house, and observed 30-35 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, some of whom were armed, as well as several military trucks and a civilian truck with a crane being used for construction work at the school yard’.

The Chairman of the Popasnaya District State Administration reported that military personnel of the AFU engineering troops were temporarily placed in the building of school No.27.

The construction machinery of the unit is placed in the territory of educational facility. Military personnel is placed in agreement with school administration.

This military unit is repairing Lugan river crossing in Troitskoe.

Sergei Shakun noted that school building will be watched by military in the summer time. Ordering was also introduced in the adjacent territory by servicemen.

Media from NGCA of Luhansk region also payed attention to a fact, posted by SMM OSCE. So, on August 8, 2017 one of pro-Russian press portals cited so-called ‘official representative of people’s militia of LPR’ Andrei Marochko reported that ‘Kyiv top-brassers have captured school building in Popasnaya to place there military personnel’.

‘With the aim to place military personnel, 10th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out seizure of school building of Popasnaya’, Marochko reported.

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