Almost all detained pickets were released in Simferopol

A part of activists, who went on the single pickets to support arrested earlier Server Karametov and had been detained by Russian top-brassers, were released. A correspondent of Krym.Realii reports about it.

Three detained were released from Zheleznodorozhny dept. – Seitumer Seitumerov, Alexandra Diyachkova and Selif Teifukov. An administrative protocol is composed on the fourth participant – elderly activist Yarykul Davlatov. It’s being waited that later he will be brought to Zheleznodorozhny district court of Simferopol. Crimean attorney Edem Semedlyaev has reported about it.

‘Three young people were released. One was left. They composed an administrative protocol on the part 1 of an art. 20.2 Code of the Administrative Protocols of Russia – unsanctioned rally. Either fine or corrective works are threatened him. We’re waiting for the trial’, Semedlyaev answered.  

According to his information all detained pickets were released from Kyiv district dept.

Also, it’s reported that all activists were released from the Central district dept. Human rights activists Lilya Gemeji, who was detained with pickets too, told about it. According to her words, she wasn’t interrogate after detention and released after attorney Jemil Temishev has arrived.

‘There were only two detained near the Central police dept. Cops took explanations from them about the reasons of a picket and what was their goal. One of them refused to explain something according to art. 51 (Constitution of Russia). Other said that he was indignant by a fact of detention of Server Karametov and bringing him to the cell for 10 days. One more young man man was with us. He was shooting the detention and he also refused to give an explanations according to art. 51. All were safely released without drafting protocols’, Gemeji noted.

We would remind that an activist Server ag’a Karametov, who made single picket near building of a ‘supreme court’ in which session on the case of Akhtem Chiygoz is taking place, was detained in occupied by Russia Crimea. 


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