IDP declared a hunger strike near the Cabinet of Ministers building

IDP Julia Druk-Ilyashenko, who’s taking part in action near the Cabinet of Ministers with the demand to accept necessary decrees the necessary regulations for the entry into force of Act No. 1954 on housing preferential lending for ATO participants and internally displaced persons, went on a hunger strike. Information agency ‘OstroV’ reports about it.

‘I declared a hunger strike as IDP and mother of two children, as a public organization representative. Really, we have nowhere to live. It’s a despair, hopelessness inside of a family. We’re waiting that some reaction will be. If it doesn’t happen here, so we’ll apply to USA and European countries embassies’, she told to Public Organization ‘’.

The edition notes that IDP mounted touristic tent before the Government building and it was called the receptionist of MP Natalia Veselova. Otherwise, law enforcement officers didn’t allow its installation.

‘People are already desperate. Julia went on a hunger strike. But there is no reaction from the Cabinet. Even the police forbade them to put a tent, so I had to intervene. And I came here as a migrant, not as MP… To ensure that officials don’t forget that there’re people who put forward their demands, we still put up a tent and don’t remove it until at least we don’t know the exact date and time meetings (with representatives of the Cabinet, – ed.)’, Veselova said.

We would remind that the law No. 1954 was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada and signed by the President back in April 2017. According to the law, ATO participants, as well as IDPs, can buy housing for 50% of the cost (they are compensated by the state for the second half) or they receive a mortgage loan at preferential interest – 7% per annum.

‘By-laws should be adopted under the law. A draft resolution has already been prepared, which prescribes a mechanism for granting preferential loans to IDPs who are internally displaced and members of ATO, but this decree goes around the Cabinet, and it is not claimed… And how long this can last is unknown’, MP noted.

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