Donbass ‘Referendum’ firestarter ran away from Luhansk in Crimea and wears a pan on his head

Journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky told that ex-deputy of Luhansk City Council from Communist party Igor Ortsev had run away from pro-Russian grouping ‘LPR’ in Crimea and began to work as ‘clown’.

‘Glorious communist has set a fire in native city and ran away to Crimea. He isn’t a fool to stay in LPR. Let the rest push each other in queues for humanitarian aid and die from shells. He provoked compatriots to go on referendum and then went out to live closer to the sea. He didn’t want to live for some reason in ‘blooming republic’, Kazansky wrote about Ortsev in Facebook.

At the same time he clarifies that ‘communists had a business, fat posts and streams’ and ‘nobody won’t give them any chairs and mandates’.

According to Kazansky’s data ex-deputy ‘is forced to make sacrifices’. Namely – ‘dress up in vyshyvankf, put the pot on his head and work as a clown’. It‘s, most likely, about the telecast on one of the propaganda channels.

‘Older brothers won’t trust other work to Luhansk communist. It’s hard to imagine a better illustration of what would happen with Luhansk and its ex-regional elites than this photo of ex-deputy of Luhansk City Council’.

Погода в Киеве