Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky possible incomers are named

Russian authorities are considering now a variant to change chieftains of ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ groupings. According to reports of ‘Novosti Donbassa’ sources ex-deputy of Party of Regions Aleksander Bobkov could change Aleksander Zakharchenko in ‘DPR’ and leader of Ukrainian party ‘Left Forces Union’ Vasily Volga could change Igor Plotnitsky in ‘LPR’.

also  sources report that 20 days ago the Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov was in  Donetsk. It’s confirmed that he recommended ‘to prepare for the reintegration’.

At the same time, politologist and ‘DPR’ supporter Konstantin Dolgov wrote in his Telegram-channel that ‘vice-premier of DPR on economics (also the same about him – the ‘minister of of incomes and fees’ – ed.) Aleksander Timofeev has set a goal to replace Zakharchenko as ‘DPR’ head’.

‘To this end ‘Tashkent’ (callsign of Timofeev) increases in times the financing of media controlled by him. The goal is one – to make great PR-campaign for chief’, Dolgov confirms.

We note that Aleksander Bobkov, who was called as Zakharchenko incomer is considered one of the communicators between ex-Donetsk elites, leaders of military formations and Kremlin.

Bobkov had been presented on the so-called ‘inauguration’ on the post of a head of ‘DPR’ the current leader of the Donetsk cell of the organization ‘OPLOT’ Aleksander Zakharchenko. Bobkov had told that moments that in spring 2014 he financially supported the organizers of the pro-Russian rallies in Donetsk.

On April 2014 Zakharchenko after the capturing of a building of Donetsk City Council demanded from Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to support the bill ‘on the local referendum’, which was prepared exactly by Bobkov.

In spring 2016 the party of Vasily Volga ‘Left Forces Union’ has claimed about a wish to take part in NGCA elections in the case if voting will be done in the ranks of Minsk agreements. 

We would remind that ‘DPR’ chieftain Zakharchenko claimed about the creation of a new ‘state’.

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