‘LPR authorities’ are going to seize thousands of apartments from the owners (video)

‘Authorities’ of ‘LPR’ decided to seize empty flats in NGCA from owners and ‘to transfer them to others’. Denis Kazansky tells about it in his video.

‘Finally insurgents could get to the smallest assets – apartments of ordinary citizens. If in preliminary years they seized generally different business from mines to stalls in the markets, so now it’s a turn of a property of common citizens. Rumors that this seizure will begin have been around for a long time. So, now fighters officially announced the forthcoming espropropriation’, the blogger reports.

Plotnitsky claimed on September 11, that he made ‘inventory of housing stock’ in ‘LPR’, thousands of empty apartments were found during it. According to his words, such flats will be seized from their owners and transferred to other people’.

Kazansky focuses attention that fighters are going to seize flats, basing only on the absence of inhabitants of them.

‘It’s interesting that apartments are going to be seized from people not because they made some criminal in fighters understanding. It’s only because owners are absent. What is the reason of such an absence is not clear and not important. Whatever. Savages don’t have a rights in NGCA. Those, who have a gun and grenades are right and decide someone else’s destiny’, journalist writes.

‘One more beautiful example what real ‘Russian world’ represents from itself and not its signboard’, he resumed.

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