The fallen were remembered in Luhansk region (photo)

The officers of the headquarters of the civil-military cooperation group of the headquarters of the operational-tactical grouping ‘Luhansk’ took part in the events for honoring the temporarily unknown defenders of Ukraine, buried in the city cemetery of Chmyrovka settlement of Luhansk region. The press-service of the operational-tactical grouping (OTG) reported that on September 2014 near Veselaya Gora village not far from Luhansk Ukrainian military stumbled upon an enemy ambush. 28 warriors died, defending the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

On October 1, 2014 the farewell to the deceased heroes and burial with all military honors in the city cemetery in Chmyrovka took place on the central square of Starobelsk. After a month 9 more graves of temporarily unknown defenders were added.

‘Annually combat brothers, schoolchildren, volunteers and social workers come here to honor the memory of the fallen heroes and share their memories of the fierce battles in Luhansk direction’, tells the message.

Some of the identified fighters were reburied at the behest of close relatives.

Dmitry Rozhkov from Kotovsk, Odessa region, during his lifetime, said to his mother: ‘If I die in battle, I want to stay on the ground that I defended’. At the request of his mother, Dmitry remained forever in the Lugansk land, which he defended during his lifetime.

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