Dozens of Navalny supporters were detained in Russia

The actions to support opposition politician Alexey Navalny, once again arrested by authorities, took place in Russia on October 7. noted that meetings were in 80 cities. The biggest part of them weren’t sanctioned by power.  

The calls to come to rally were published with the hashtag #ЗаНавального (For Navalny – ed.)  and main demands consist from three points:

  • Immediately releasing of Alexey Navalny;
  • The creation of conditions for normal political competition;
  • The passing on elections of Navalny and any other candidates, who are able to collect necessary 300 000 signatures.

It’s emphasized on one of the pages in the social media that oppositionists will go outside on the streets in a day, when president retires (October 7 is the birthday of Vladimir Putin, who is 65 years old), hinting at a project of the forthcoming increase in the retirement age of civil servants to 65 years.

It’s known that up to 40 people were detained in time and before the actions to support Navalny.

Погода в Киеве