‘A worthy candidate’: there is a preposition in Russia to canonize ‘ex-prosecutor’ of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya

The petition for canonization of an ‘ex-prosecutor’ of annexed by Russia Crimea, MP of RF Duma Natalia Poklonskaya appeared on the website change.org. The ‘Obozrevatel’ reports about it.

It’s reported that Moscow resident Aleksei Evstratov became an author of this petition. He considers that Poklonskaya is worthed to be canonized, because ‘she struggles with evil’.

‘I’m sure that Natalia Poklonskaya first saw the shedder of holy ointment of bust of Nicholas II (Russian tsar in the beginning of XX sent., was shot out with his family by communists – ed.), who not sparing herself and her life, leads the struggle against evil. She is a worthy candidate for canonization in life’, Evstratov wrote in the description of his petition.

According to man’s words, ‘the canonization of Natalia Poklonskaya will help her to strengthen a fight with dark evil forces, who are trying to break centuries-old tradition of the Russian people’.

The petition was supported by 384 people.

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