Myrnohrad miners stopped their ‘underground’ strike

Beginning from the third shift on October 10 pitmen of ‘Kapitalnaya’ mine (named by Stakhanov) SE ‘Myrnohradugol’ (Myrnohrad coal – ed.) stopped their strike under the ground and lift to the surface. Website ‘Novosti Donbassa’ has reported about it.

However, according to the report of the director of ‘Kapitalnaya’ mine Oleg Vodopyanov, coal mining operations didn’t renew in the enterprise.  

He confirms that from the morning of October 11 the shift meetings, during which workers are going to decide: to continue protest or to start a work, are happening.  

‘The precincts taking part in the underground strike decided not to renew the action. Extractors don’t work yet. Today we expect again some kind of money. On how the production process will be organized in the future, it will be known after the meetings at all sites’, he said.

The edition reports that the chairman of chairman of the trade union organization of workers in the coal industry of Myrnohrad and Pokrovsk district, Alexander Abramov, together with chairman of the miners’ union of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets are in Kyiv and expect a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk.

We note that as of October 11 the mine ‘5/6′ works in usual mode, ‘Tsentralnaya’ mine strikes, supporting colleagues from ‘Kapitalnaya’.

We would remind that miners of ‘Kapitalnaya’ mine on October 9 refused to lift to the surface, demanding the repayment of arrears on wages. After that their debts were partially repaid. Also it was decided that if till October 27 the debt wage arrears to employees of ‘Myrgnohradugol’ don’t be paid off, all miners, union trades, mayor of the city and officials will go to Kyiv and begin a strike under the Cabinet of Ministers.

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