Car accident in Kharkiv: photos of isolation ward, in which Elena Zaitseva will be, were published

Suspected in Kharkiv car accident Elena Zaitseva will be in the remand till December. More than three thousand of people, according to mass media information, could be inside too.

The isolation ward was built already in 1948. Not so long ago the decorating was made there.


We would remind that on October 19, Kharkiv, automobile ‘Lexus’, driving by a woman born in 1997, moving through the red light, crashed into the car ‘Volkswagen Touareg’ on a huge speed.

‘Lexus’ was thrown on the sidewalk of Sumskaya street (central city street – ed.), where many pedestrians were.

Drivers are alive, they were sent for examination for alcohol or narcotic intoxication. At the beginning it was reported about the five dead, later, the head of PR-Department of MIA Artem Shevchenko reported that a number of dead has grown to six. The girl among died was 15. Six more people got injured. One of them is pregnant.

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