People prayed for warm heat batteries in ‘LPR’

A city-wide Te Deum, dedicated to the beginning of the heating season took place in Alchevsk, controlled by pro-Russian ‘LPR’ gang fighters.

Utility people, budget organizations representatives and ‘power’ of the city, including ‘mayor’ Natalia Pyatkova were presented at the event.

A public prayer was served by the dean of the Alchevsk District Father Aleksander Ustimenko.

‘We’re carrying out everything, depending from people  – repairs, equipment setting, heating. We ask Lord to help in things, on which human can’t be influent’, Pyatkova said.

Organizers of the event said that in case of successful passage of the heating season, the city community will conduct one more Te Deum – on April 2018’.

Погода в Киеве