Ukrainian JCCC side: ‘NGCA authorities’ of Luhansk region block an opening of the checkpoint ‘Zolote’

‘LPR’ fighters are continuing to block a work of the checkpoint ‘Zolote’ in Luhansk region. It complicates the humanitarian situation in Donbass. Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Coordination and Ceasefire (JCCC) reports about it on the page of ATO HQ in Facebook.

From the moment of an opening of ‘Zolote’ checkpoint fighters block its work from their side and refuse to provide crossing the Line of Contact.

‘Ukrainian JCCC side fully supports the issues of establishing the full-fledged work of the checkpoint ‘Zolote’, that will allow to redistribute part of the passenger traffic and will significantly relieve checkpoint ‘Stanytsya Luhanska’. This, in its turn’ will significantly improve the situation in the region and will allow to hold quality repair of the bridge in the checkpoint ‘Stanytsya Luhanska’, which technical condition threatens to safe movement of civils through it’, tells the message of JCCC.

It’s noted that blocking of the checkpoint shows that ‘NGCA’ continues to cynically ignore the interests of the civilian population on both sides of the Line of Contact, doesn’t want to unload the checkpoint ‘Stanytsya Luhanska’, demonstrates interest in the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Luhansk region and seeks to further aggravate the confrontation in Donbass’.

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