There are regular searches for Crimean Tatars in peninsula

MP of Ukraine, the Head of Majlis of Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov reported that on October 23 at 8 am armed staff of Russian top brass in Crimea broke into the house of Enver Ibragimov.

His housing was built on on a glade of protest of Strelkovoe massive at the outskirts of Simferopol.  

‘A search, during which all homes Things were turned over and scattered, was till 9:30 am. According to the observers from the scene, nothing wasn’t seized as a result of search. All the time Enver Ibragimov with wife and baby were in the house’, Chubarov wrote about it in his Facebook.   

He also notes that master of a house that was attacked and searched by Russian top brass men, Enver Ibragimov is the son of an activist of landed glades of protest of Crimean Tatars Ibragim Fazylov.

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