Ukrainian consul made his way to Pavlo Gryb

Ukrainian consul has managed to meet in Krasnodar isolation ward with kidnapped in Belarus by Russian Security Services Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Gryb. Director of the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Pogorevtsev has reported about it to ‘Ukrainskaya pravda’.

According to Pogoreltsev words, the meeting happened under the supervision of the staff of the penitentiary institution and with fixing the conversation on the video camera.

‘Considering that their conversation was recorded on the camera and security guards were present, Pavel said that the conditions of detention in remand are satisfactory, he has an opportunity to be at the open air, twice a day he is examined by a health worker and he takes medicines’, DCS Director has reported.

He noted that Gryp complained that he feels bad from some cure. He also told that he sees investigator and attorney not so often.  

‘Last time he had a conversation with an investigator on October 11 and he met with attorney on October 18, when the issue about his further detention was reconsidered’, diplomat said.

Pogoreltsev added that consul transported to young man warm clothes (from his father) and also bought food, which Pavlo asked, at the territory of the isolation ward.  

According to DCS Director words this was the second meeting of Ukrainian consuls with Pavlo Gryb. As at a first time, they had a ban to communicate in Ukrainian and to discuss investigation process.

The details of kidnapping of Pavlo were published by ‘Novaya Gazeta’ edition. Russian security services had detained Ukrainian Pavlo Gryb on August 25  – on the next day after crossing him a border with Belarus – and gave no access neither to MFA representatives nor to attorney.

Belarus side confirmed the fact of crossing its border by Pavlo Gryb only on August 31.

Protection representatives came to FSB remand in Krasnodar, where Pavlo is held, but they weren’t passed to prisoner.

It was reported on September 13 that Russian media claimed about an arrest of Pavlo Gryb by court for two months.

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