The explosion thundered in the center of Donetsk. There are victims (picture story)

In the evening of October 26 , the explosion thundered in the center of temporary occupied Donetsk. Pro-Russian websites, referring on so-called ‘MES DPR’, write about it.

It’s noted that explosion happened on October 26 nearly 4:30 pm on the second floor of the residential house, located on Krasnoarmeiskaya street, 84 in Voroshilov district of Donetsk. The first report about an accident tells that ‘as a result of explosion nearly 10 window blocks at a number of stages were damaged, but ignition didn’t happen.

Rescue rangers went to the scene, they extracted from the rubble one of the victims during the search and rescue operation. Later it became known that ‘a number of injured as a result of explosion in the residential house of Donetsk increased to two people’.

According to preliminary information, domestic gas explosion has become cause of the incident. The message about happened was received by emergency dispatch service at 4:45 pm.

‘Presumably, the epicenter is on the second floor of the building. As a result of the explosion, there was a collapse of the floors between the first and second, second and third floors, and about 10 window units’, one of the messages tells.

Immediately after that it became known that the injured were children: ‘Two children, aged 4.5 and 8, received carbon monoxide poisoning’.

Moreover, pro-Russian websites write that ‘there are two men among the injured’, one of them ‘received injuries of medium severity: bruises and fractures of the bones of the feet’ and ‘the seventeen-year-old girl received a burn of 98 percent of the body surface and was taken to the Institute of Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery named by Gusak’. She is in extremely grave condition. All the victims were hospitalized.

Also it’s reported that more than half a hundred of tenants of a five-story building were evacuated.  

‘I live on the second floor. At the time of the incident, I was in the hall, it was still light outside. I remember that a very powerful explosion was heard, stucco from the ceiling began to pour on me, glass and doors were knocked out. After that, I don’t remember anything’, one of the inhabitants of the house told.

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